Nice site. Who the hell are you?

Well since you asked so nicely, my name is Kevin Wilson. I wrote my first wrestling review in January of 2004 for the then brand new www.PWInsider.com, and soon thereafter opened www.WrestlingEncyclopedia.com so I could have a place to store all my reviews. As time passed and I became more interested in puroresu and less interested in American wrestling, I decided to open up a new site in June of 2006, which is the site you are currently on. The following summer I shut down the Wrestling Encyclopedia site as Puroresu Central was taking up all of my time. I have a BA in History from the University of Richmond, which might explain my willingness to do lots of research and type really long reviews, and currently reside in Newport News, VA. I am 27 years old and have a pet snake named Baal, pictured below. I don't live in my mother's basement and in fact recently purchased a condo which I adore. If you wish you can add me on Facebook as well, it isn't very wrestling oriented but anyone is welcome to add me if they want to find out if there is a reason why I haven't updated in awhile.

Baal loves the Great Muta

Can I submit my own review from the site?

This feature has waned in the last year or so, but yes, I always accept reviews for puroresu events. I like having more of a variety then just my own reviews everywhere. But since now there are over 250 reviews on the site, it is not as much of a focus of mine as it used to be as I feel I have a pretty good database here on Puroresu Central if a new fan is looking around trying to find a good event to watch. But I still will gladly accept any user-submitted reviews.

Do you know how I can become a wrestler in Japan?

I get this question quite a bit. Most wrestling dojos in Japan don't take American wrestlers, there have only been a few very rare exceptions. The easiest way to get noticed in Japan is to attach yourself to a training school that works with a Japanese promotion. For example, Harley Race's WLW works closely with Pro Wrestling NOAH, CHIKARA works with Big Japan, and Scott D'Amore has connections with All Japan. Lots of American wrestlers over the years have gotten a chance in Japan due to getting on a tour through an outside promotion and being invited to stay, with Prince Devitt and Joe Doering being the most obvious examples. So it isn't impossible, but the best path to wrestling in Japan is first proving yourself in a school here in the States.

Grrr watermarks... I hate watermarks on videos... what's the deal?

The way I justify it is that my number one goal is to spread the puroresu love. If any of my clips are loaded onto a video sharing website, which I have never had a problem with by the way, someone that sees the video will know where they can go to read more about the wrestler, see more videos, etc. So in a way that is my own free way of advertising since currently my advertising budget for Puroresu Central is $0. Pictures will never be watermarked though, so don't worry, only the videos will have a small one in the corner of the screen.

You used to have a page listing all your updates, what happened to it?

The less pages I have to update each time I work on the site, the more content I am able to add. I only update every few days, if you really don't want to miss an update just swing by the site once a day, I never update more often then that (and if I do I just add to the front page). And if you can't be bothered to take 10 seconds to check by the site, I can't be bothered to create a new page I have to update every time I add content to the site :)

Where is the complete wrestler list?  I don’t know what promotion _______ works for and can’t find his profile! 

The complete wrestler list was difficult to maintain with over 1,000 profiles on the site, but I have a solution available. If you can't find a wrestler, use the "Website Search" feature at the bottom, it will point you in the right direction as usually the wrestler profile will be the first option given as I have re-named all the web pages to reflect what is on that page. So if you search for "Kenta Kobashi," Kobashi's profile page will be first, followed by all the other pages that his name appears on.