I have added a review for Oz Academy ~dagaya~ [ZEN] on 5/10/15! This was a really good show, as we get Kana in a great match, a few Catch The Wave Tournament matches, and more! For current wrestling event reviews, check out all of my 2015 Puroresu Reviews! To know instantly whenever I do an update on the website, follow me on Twitter @PuroCentral!

I am changing the way that I review puroresu events, you can read about the change here.

I am also now having contests strictly on the @PuroCentral Twitter account that will not be posted on the site. Details can be found here, lots of great prizes are available. So be sure to follow @PuroCentral and join in the fun, I plan to have multiple giveaways every month. I am also uploading select matches that are not already available to dailymotion. You can view and subscribe to my dailymotion account here.

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