If you have any review requests, move gif requests, or are looking for a certain match/event, I can be reached at purocentral@gmail.com.

September 26th Update:

- Still adding more Joshi wrestlers. I have added profiles for Cherry, Hibiscus Mii, and Yuu Yamagata.

September 25th Update:

- And another new promotion! Added a review for Pro Wrestling WAVE V-Paradise #110, #111, #112, and #113 (July, 2014). Remember you can check out the 2014 Puroresu Reviews page for all my reviews from 2014 in chronological order.

September 24th Update:

- Added a review for Michinoku Pro Kairyo Kuranshin on 6/8/14. Another new promotion!

September 19th Update:

- I have added a review for the All Japan Champion Carnival between April 14th and April 23rd. This is just a highlights show, as only the first and last days of the tournament aired in full, they aired an additional show that recapped what happened between those events. Not a traditional review, or really a review at all, more just a summary of what happened in the tournament.

September 15th Update:

- Went way back and did a review for FREEDOMS on 1/8/14. Yep, still January events left to review, it never ends.

September 13th Update:

- I'm back! I probably should have mentioned I was on vacation last week, but I am hoping to have four reviews completed this week to help me catch up a bit. I should be done with this project by 2016 at my current pace. Anyway, I have added a review for All Japan Champion Carnival 2014 on 4/13/14.

September 2nd Update:

- Cheerleader Melissa has been added to the Joshi Roster section.

September 1st Update:

- Added a review for Stardom "The Highest 2014" on 3/16/14, featuring Io Shirai vs. Cheerleader Melissa in the main event.

August 30th Update:

- I re-arranged all of the review pages to try to make things easier to find. For example Big Japan and Dragon Gate have their own sections, all other Indy promotions are on one page and all the defunct promotions are on one page. The only downside is there is a chance I killed some links in the process, although I tested as I went. So if you go to click on a review and it goes nowhere, please send me an email so I can fix it.

August 24th Update:

- Sorry for the lack of updates, after watching so much G1 Climax I was a bit burned out. I will have another event reviewed by the end of the week to get the ball rolling again!

August 17th 2nd Update:

- I have updated the New Japan G1 Climax 2014 page to put all the information in one place. I have also added the average scores for each wrestler, if you wanted to see who had the best matches overall!

August 17th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax Final on 8/10/14. And that is all from the G1 Climax!

August 10th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 11" on 8/8/14.

August 9th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 10" on 8/6/14.

August 7th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 9" on 8/4/14.

August 5th Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 8" on 8/3/14.

August 3rd Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 7" on 8/1/14.

August 1st Update:

- Added a review for New Japan G1 Climax "Day 6" on 7/31/14.