Welcome to a new series called Lost Classics. This will be a look at matches that are generally unknown or forgotten about, the matches that weren't released commercially and haven't been spread around the Internet for thousands to watch and rate. Instead of entire events these will just be individual matches, and to help flesh it out I will include more information then I do in my reviews. The column will also be more stylistic, since it will only be one match instead of a full card, and I won't give a "rating" to the match as it is more a commentary of the unknown rather then a review.

Time and Place
#1 Keiji Mutoh vs. Big Van Vader New Japan Pro Wrestling
August 10th, 1991
First G1 Climax, only singles encounter
#2 Masahiro Chono vs. Big Van Vader

New Japan Pro Wrestling
September 7th, 1990

Vader seeks revenge after losing IWGP Title
#3 Misawa, Kobashi, and Hansen
vs. Taue, Kawada, and Johnny Ace
Weekly Pro Wrestling
April 2nd, 1995
All Japan participates on Puroresu Supershow
#4 Kensuke Sasaki vs. Sting
New Japan Pro Wrestling
November 13th, 1995
For the WCW United States Championship
#5 Keiji Mutoh vs. Hawk Warrior New Japan Pro Wrestling
July 13th, 1995
Hawk Warrior goes for IWGP Championship
#6 Tiger Mask IV vs. Original Tiger Mask Umanosuke Ueda Benefit Show
December 23rd, 1997
Master vs. Protégé
#7 Norio Honaga vs. Wild Pegasus New Japan Pro Wrestling
September 27th, 1994
Tournament Final for IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Title
#8 Keiji Mutoh vs. Ric Flair New Japan Pro Wrestling
August 13th, 1995
G1 Climax, Winner goes to Semi Finals
#9 Keiji Mutoh vs. Tatsumi Fujinami New Japan Pro Wrestling
June 13th, 1994
Master vs. Protégé, ranking match
#10 Rick Rude vs. Hiroshi Hase New Japan Pro Wrestling
March 16th, 1994
Hase challenges for the WCW International Heavyweight Championship
#11 Yuji Nagata vs. Scott Norton New Japan Pro Wrestling
September 23rd, 1998
Scott Norton's fifth challenge of the IWGP Heavyweight Championship