Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: September 7th, 2000
Background: Trained in FMW
Formally: Tomokazu Morita
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: Mask and long tights

Signature Moves:
- Falcon Arrow
- Flash
- Firebird Splash
- Fisherman Falcon Arrow

After training at the Animal Hamaguchi Dojo, Morita joined the FMW dojo and debuted in FMW in 2000, together with the other FMW trainees Yoshihito Sasaki and Satoru Makita (now Soldier). After the tragic injury occurred to Hayabusa in 2001, Morita was chosen as his replacement: he was given a new masked gimmick “Garuda,” based on the heel “Darkside of Hayabusa” character. Garuda soon went in Mexico training, but FMW would fail in the meantime, leaving him without a home company. Garuda joined WMF, with the idea to continue in his Hayabusa“fill-in” role, but he soon started to have problems with a painful neck injury, which forced him to stay out of action for several months. Later Garuda joined Michinoku Pro, but his injury, which never healed completely, strongly effected his career. Garuda suffered his latest injury in 2007, during a Fukumen show, and subsequently stayed out of action for almost a full year. Garuda would return to action in 2008, joining Pro Wrestling KAGEKI after the WMF closure.

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