Birthdate: June, 10th 1967
Debut: September 4th, 1992
Background: Michinoku Pro
Ring Attire:  Black pants and a black mask
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card
Major Titles Held:  None

Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex Hold

Hanzo Nakajima debuted as "Leopardo Negro" in 1992 and mainly wrestled in Michinoku Pro in the mid '90s. Nakajima also extensively toured in Europe in 1997. After suffering a serious injury in 1998, Nakajima decided to focus on training, and opened a fitness gym he called "HANZOgym." In 2000 he returned to activity, only wrestling on a sparse basis. In 2003, HANZO opened a wrestling dojo within the HANZOgym, and a year later he officially launched WRESTLEGATE, a small promotion with lucharesu as its trademark wrestling style. There his young trainees would wrestle with occasional participation by old Nakajima's friends. The highlight of HANZO Nakajima career was his participation to the Super J Cup 1995, where he was eliminated by Lionheart in the first round match.

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