Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: August 12th, 2002
Background: DDT Graduate
Formally: HERO! and Darkness HERO!
Ring Attire: Black shorts

As Darkness HERO!

Signature Moves:
- Cross-legged Samoan Driver
- Falcon Arrow
- Firebird Splash
- Gorgon Lock
- Somatto
- Yama-ori

Signature Moves (as HERO!):
- Arabian Press
- Full Nelson Buster
- HERO! Destroyer Plus
- HERO! Splash
- HERO! Splash 2

Signature Moves (as Darkness HERO!):
- Super HERO Kick

HARASHIMA can be considered the ace of DDT, along with Kota Ibushi. He started wrestling in DDT in 2001 as HERO!, a masked superhero gimmick. The popularity of HERO! continued to grow during the following years, until HERO!, after the transitional gimmick of “Darkside of HERO,” revealed his real identity in January 2006 and joined the heel Disasterbox faction. HARASHIMA would later turn face and capture the KO-D title by defeating Owashi. HARASHIMA remained at the top of the company throughout all 2007 and 2008, recapturing the title he had lost to KOO. In 2008 HARASHIMA would also join Poison Sawada JULIE, joining him in a tag team and changing his personality for some months, becoming “JARASHIMA.”

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