Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: May 3rd, 2003
Background: DDT Graduate
Ring Attire: Black and yellow pants

Signature Moves:
- Handstand Double Knee Drop
- Leg Height Arm Hold
- Top Rope Double Knee Drop
- Top Rope Double Knee Drop to an Opponent in the Tree of Woe

KUDO debuted in DDT in 2001 as “Konica Man #2.” He abandoned the gimmick, adopting the ring name of KUDO one year later. In 2003 KUDO received a push in DDT following his participation to the NOAH Differ Cup and he won the KO-D tag team titles teaming with HERO! In 2005 KUDO won the King of DDT tournament and he later moved to the US for a training expedition. Despite being always considered one of the top DDT wrestlers, KUDO has never been able to become the KO-D champion.

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