Kubota Brothers

Mammoth Handa


Yasuhi Sato

Other Wrestlers Frequently Used: Kengo Takai, Shigehiro Irie, Michio Kageyama, Tadanobu Fujisawa, TAKASHI, and Takaya Shibayama

Sportiva Entertainment is a small company based in Nagoya regularly promoting weekly shows in its own building, called “Sportiva Arena.” The group was born around 2007, by only promoting a couple of bigger events a year, under the name “Love Pro Wrestling.” In 2008, along with the foundation of Dera Nagoya Pro Wrestling, it started to promote its own shows using a small group of local wrestlers, such as the Kubota brothers and the former BJW star Hakaru Imai. Sportiva Entertainment operates in close collaboration with other local companies such as Dera Group and DEP.

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