Full Name: Katsushi Takemura
:  August 21st, 1972
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Debut:  July 22nd, 1997
Background:  BattlARTS
Alliances: None 
Ring Attire:  Long pants, different colors
Card Position:  Mid-Card

Championship History:

UWA World Tag Team Championship with Jado and Gedo:
- Defeated Taiji Ishimori and the Sato Brothers on 9/9/04 and Vacated in early 2005

Featured Signature Moves:
- Dragon Sleeper
- M9

2005 Recap:
A quiet year for Takemura, as he only had one title shot (losing with Anzawa for the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship) and coming in 6th of 7 in the Best of the Super Jr. Tournament.  At the beginning of the year he teamed with his MUGA mentor Nishimura, but nothing came of it.  Takemura did not have any notable wins in 2005, and needs to step it up to become a big player in New Japan.

2008 Recap:
TAKEMURA spent much of 2008 in All Japan, wrestling with NOSAWA and MAZADA as part of the faction GURENTAI. In the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight League he picked up wins over Kaz Hayashi and Phil Atlas but came in 2nd in his bracket to barely miss the finals.

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