Rikidozan and Toyonobori


Birthdate: November 14th, 1924
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Debut: October 28th, 1951
Background: Sumo wrestler
Ring Attire: Black trunks


Birthdate: March 21st, 1931
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Debut: October 1954
Background: Sumo wrestling
Ring Attire: Black trunks

Promotion History: JWA (1960 to 1963)
Tournaments Won: None
Major Puroresu Titles Held: JWA All Asia Tag Team Championship (Held 4 Times) and the JWA All Japan Tag Team Championship

Biggest Matches:
- June 7th, 1960 vs. Dan Miller and Frank Valois (title win)
- February 15th, 1962 vs. Luther Lindsay and Ricky Waldo (title win)
- July 1st, 1962 vs. Buddy Austin and Mike Sharpe (title win)
- May 6th, 1963 vs. Fred Atkins and Killer Kowalski (title win)

Career Highlights:

The first great Japanese tag team, the legendary Rikidozan and Toyonobori won their first title on June 7th, 1960 when they defeated Dan Miller and Frank Valois for the All Asia Tag Team Championship. They would go on to win the title a total of four times, defeating Fred Atkins and Killer Kowalski in May of 1983. They would still be holding the titles on December 8th, 1963, when they would be forced to vacate after Rikidozan was stabbed. Rikidozan would die a week later from the wound, and Toyonobori would later team with Michiaki Yoshimura and Giant Baba to win the All Asia Tag Team Championship several more times.

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