Atsushi Aoki

Birthdate: September 25th, 1977
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 181 lbs.
Debut: December 24th, 2005
Background: Amateur Wrestling
Promotion History: NOAH (2005 to present)
Alliances: None
Ring Attire:  Blue pants
Card Position: Mid-Card 
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Championship Held: None

Championship History


Biggest Matches:
- December 24th, 2005 with Ota vs. Mitsuharu Misawa and Akira Taue (debut)
- December 27th, 2006 vs. Osamu Namiguchi
- December 28th, 2007 with Kanemaru vs. Doi and Yoshino (first title challenge)
- September 21st, 2009 vs. KENTA (first singles title challenge)

- Aoki battles YASSHI
- A dropkick to Mushiking Terry

Signature Moves:
- Assault Point
- Cross Armbreaker Takedown
- Diving Body Press
- Double Jump Missile Dropkick
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Wrist-Clutch Backdrop Suplex

2006 Recap:
Aoki debuted in late 2005 and spent most of 2006 in opening matches and learning to hone his craft. Aoki wrestled on five Budokan Hall shows during the year but he didn't pick up a win until December 10th (even though he did not score the pinfall). In SEM, Aoki had the opportunity to wrestle in several singles matches but lost in all of them. Perhaps his biggest victory of the year came on December 27th in Zero-One MAX, where he defeated Osamu Namiguchi in his first big singles victory.

2007 Recap:
Aoki continued honing his craft in 2007, battling his fellow dojo mates and learning from his seniors. On August 8th he got the chance to wrestle KENTA in a singles match, with Aoki putting up a good fight before falling to the Tiger Suplex Hold. In the Mauritius Cup, Aoki defeated Ippei Ota, Tsutomu Hirayanagi, and Akihiko Ito, but Shuhei Taniguchi would defeat him by one point to win the cup. On December 28th, Aoki got a chance to win the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship teaming with Kanemaru against Naruki Doi and Masato Yoshino, but they would come up short.

2009 Recap:
Aoki continued to show a lot of growth in 2009 and set himself up to finally win his first title or tournament in 2010. On April 25th he teamed with Akihiko Ito to face Suzuki and Kanemaru to try to win the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, but the team came up short. In the Nippon TV Cup Jr. Heavyweight Tag League, Aoki teamed with Ibushi, and the team did very well as they won their Block and reached the Finals, but they fell to Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Kotaro Suzuki. On September 21st, Aoki challenged KENTA for the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but KENTA proved to be too tough to be beaten. Finally, Aoki participated in the Jr. Heavyweight League, and while he got a draw against New Japan legend Jushin Thunder Liger he was unable to reach the Semi Finals.

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