Bison Smith

Birthdate: September 24th, 1973
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 289 lbs.
Debut: April 12th, 1998
Background: American Wrestling
Promotion History: NOAH (2003 to present)
Alliances: Teams with gaijins and Saito
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Global Tag League (2008)
Current Title Held:  None

Championship History:

GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Akitoshi Saito:
- Defeated Marufuji and Sugiura on 5/23/08 and lost to Sasaki and Morishima on 9/21/09

GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Keith Walker:
- Defeated Takeshi Rikio and Mohammed Yone on 4/14/10 and Vacated on 9/10/10

Biggest Matches:
- August 26th, 2003 vs. Kenta Kobashi (title challenge)
- May 30th, 2004 vs. Takeshi Rikio
- October 22nd, 2004 vs. Jun Akiyama
- June 3rd, 2007 vs. Mitsuharu Misawa (title challenge)
- November 25th, 2007 with Saito vs. Sugiura and Marufuji (title challenge)
- May 23rd, 2008 with Saito vs. Marufuji and Sugiura (title win)

- Bison poses in the corner
- The Claw to Misawa by Bison

Signature Moves:
- Bisontenial
- Frankensteiner
- Iron Claw Slam
- Iron Claw STO

2005 Recap:
Bison Smith is still one of the most respected foreigners in NOAH, even though he has not been getting a lot of title shots lately. In singles matches he had a lot of success in 2005, defeating Kanemaru and Go Shiozaki amongst others. Towards the end of 2005, he was wrestling in a lot of multi-man matches, usually teaming with other foreigners such as Nigel and Low Ki.

2006 Recap:
Bison still wrestles mostly in the mid-card, but he is very well protected. He was not pinned at all during 2006, and it is possible that he might even get a title shot sometime soon although no one is holding their breath. Bison Smith had no singles matches in 2006 and generally teamed with other gaijins against Misawa and other Japanese wrestlers. He also only wrestled on two Budokan Shows this year.

2007 Recap:
Bison Smith remains, oddly, one of the most protected wrestlers in NOAH even though he mostly stays in the mid-card. He had two title shots in 2007 for both the GHC Heavyweight Championship and the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship. On June 3rd he wrestled Misawa for his first GHC Heavyweight Championship title shot in four years but would come up short when Misawa used an Elbow Smash to pick up the victory. On November 25th, Bison would team with Saito to challenge for the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship but again he would fail to win his first GHC title.

2009 Recap:
After finally winning his first title in NOAH in 2008, Bison Smith and Saito held the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship for the bulk of 2009 as well. The year started with Go Shiozaki pinning Smith in a singles match, a rare loss for the gaijin giant. In the Global Tag League, he teamed with Saito and the pair came in a big tie for 2nd place when a loss on the last day prevented them from winning. They defended their titles against the winners Misawa and Shiozaki on June 13th, when tragedy struck during the match and Misawa passed away after a backdrop suplex from Saito. On September 21st, they defended their titles again against Sasaki and Morishima, and they finally lost their titles after holding them for well over a year. Towards the end of the year, Bison Smith was pinned by Sugiura, as Smith was again used as the gate keeper for the GHC Heavyweight Championship.

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