Blue Wolf

Birthdate:  December 1st, 1976
:  August 10th, 2001
:  Sumo and Amateur Wrestling, plus success in MMA
:  Toru Yano, his 2001 dojo mate
Ring Attire:  Blue long tights
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  None

Signature Moves:
- Ankle Hold
- Exploder
- Lariat
- Mongol Hammer
- Mongol Slam

2005 Recap:
Blue Wolf had a very quiet year wrestling for New Japan.  He took at least one excursion to Mongolia (where he is from), and when he was in New Japan he stayed in the mid-card.  He was only on one Tokyo Dome show (January), and he lost to Yuji Nagata.  He also did not take part of the G1 Climax.  With his impressive MMA wins, many assume that one day he will get a push towards the top.  But it has not happened quite yet.

Blue Wolf has not been seen in Japanese wrestling since he did not re-sign a contract with New Japan in January of 2006. He is back home in Mongolia, and could possibly be starting a wrestling school there.

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