D-Lo Brown

Birthdate:  October 22nd, 1972
All Japan Debut:  2003
Background:  American Professional Wrestling
Alliances: None
Ring Attire:  Black outfit with double shoulder straps
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

- Brown with the Low Down
- Lariat by D-Lo
- Buchanan and D-Lo with a Spike Piledriver

Signature Moves:
- D-Lo Leaf
- Low Down
- Shining Wizard
- Sky High

2005 Recap:
Due to commitments in Europe and America, Brown does not tour frequently with All Japan even though he is considered part of the roster.  He did not take part of the Champions Carnival, and teaming with Buchanan he came in 4th place in their block at the Real World Tag League.  When Brown does visit All Japan, he usually teams with Buchanan and wrestles as a mid-carder, but until he is able to commit fully it is unlikely they will be getting many serious title shots.

2006 Recap:
Brown had a solid year for All Japan in 2006. At the Champion Carnival, Brown came in fifth place in his bracket with wins over Arashi and Matt Morgan. In the summer D-Lo had a big match against Kawada, and even though he lost he put up a good fight. At the August Sumo Hall event, Brown wrestled with his fellow RO&D members and picked up the victory after the Low Down to Rongai. During the Real World Tag League, Brown tagged with Buchanan and together they had a great tournament including Brown picking up a pinfall victory over Kawada.