Densen Man

Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: 1994
Also: Torutouga
Ring Attire: Black and white stripped suit or blue tights and a mask

- As Torutouga

Signature Moves (as Densen Man):
- Densen Bottom
- Densen Lariat
- Densensaruto
- Densenbotomu

Signature Moves (as Torutouga):
- La Nieblina
- Topè en Reversa

Tortuga debuted in 1994 and he worked as a semi-comedic character in IWA Japan, CMLL Japan, and Osaka Pro. In 2003 he suffered an Achilles tendon rupture during training and was forced to a 2 years absence. He returned to Osaka Pro as Densen Man, but he soon suffered another serious cervical injury, which caused his definitive retirement.

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