Mick Foley

Birthdate: June 7th, 1965
Debut: June 1986
Background: Trained by Dominic DeNucci
Ring Attire:  Black pants and a black t-shirt
Reason for Wrestling in Japan: Freelancer
Championships Held in Japan:  IWA World Tag Team Championship (with Tracy Smothers)

- Mr. Socko to Kawada
- Foley gives Kawada a piledriver

Signature Moves:
- Double Arm DDT
- Mr. Socko
- Stump-Puller Piledriver

Career Highlights in Japan:
Mick Foley first went to Japan during 1991, wrestling for All Japan in the Champion Carnival. After his stint in WCW ended, Foley would return as Cactus Jack to IWA Japan. Foley wrestled in IWA Japan for several years off and on while also wrestling in ECW, and during that time period he participated in a number of bloody matches. His most famous match during that time period was a death match against Terry Funk in the finals of the IWA Deathmatch Tournament in 1995. Cactus would win the match, and clips from the match would later be shown by WWE. After being signed by the WWF Foley was absent from Japan until he returned on May 8th, 2004 to challenge Kawada for the Triple Crown Championship. Foley would lose the match and he has not returned to Japan since that time.

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