Doc Gallows
Championship History

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Major Tournaments Won

New Japan World Tag League (2013)
Real Name: Drew Hankinson
Birth: December 22nd, 1983
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 305 lbs.
Background: Trained in Deep South Wrestling
Debut: January 22nd, 2005
Other Identities: Festus and Luke Gallows
Alliances: Bullet Club
Promotion History: WWE (2005 to 2010), TNA (2010 to 2013), and New Japan (2013 to present)
Doc Gallows Doc Gallows

Awards and Recognition

Tokyo Sports Grand Prix:

Pro Wrestling Illustrated:
Ranked #69 Wrestler in the World in 2013 (Highest Rank)

Puroresu Central Awards:

Wrestling Observer Awards:

Notable Matches

June 25th, 2006 vs. Kane
January 13th, 2013 vs. Sting
December 8th, 2013 with Anderson vs. TenKoji
January 4th, 2014 with Anderson vs. Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr.

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Big Boot
Gallows Pole
Magic Killer
  January 4th, 2014 - Lance Archer and Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows
January 5th, 2014 - Lance Archer, Davey Boy Smith Jr., and Benjamin vs. Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Tonga
Featured Signature Moves
Jumping Big Boot

Magic Killer