Hiroshi Hase

Birthdate: May 5th, 1961
Debut: February 28th, 1986
Retirement: August 27th, 2006
Background: Amateur Wrestling
Alliances: None
Ring Attire:  Yellow trunks
Card Position:  None
Major Titles Held:  IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

- Giant Swing to YASSHI!
- Giant Swing to nWo Sting!

Signature Moves:
- 45 Rotation Giant Swing
- Backdrop Suplex
- Cobra Clutch
- Giant Swing
- Northern Lights Suplex
- Piledriver
- Powerbomb
- Uranage

World Japan History:
Hase wrestled on the debut show of World Japan and worked at least one other tour, but was not an important part of the promotion and he did not take part in either of the title tournaments.

2005 Recap:
Hase did not wrestle regularly in 2005, as he is busy with his political career.

2006 Recap:
On August 27th, 2006, Hase would have his retirement match. Teaming with Nakajima and Kojima, they would defeat TARU, Suwama, and "brother" YASSHI. During the match Hase gave YASSHI a 45 rotation swing, the longest one he has ever given. A true technician in the ring, Hase will be missed.

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