Tamon Honda

Birthdate:  August 15th, 1963
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 282 lbs.
Debut:  October 8th, 1993
Background:  Amateur Wrestling
Promotion History: All Japan (1993 to 2000) and NOAH (2000 to present)
Alliances:  Burning
Ring Attire:  Red wrestling tights with double shoulder straps
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Asunaro Cup (1996)
Championship History: All Asia Tag Team Championship, GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship, and the WEW Tag Team Championship
Current Title Held:  None

Biggest Matches:
- February 13th, 1999 with Izumida vs. Hayabusa and Shinzaki (title defense)
- October 25th, 1999 with Masao Inoue vs. Smith and Mossman (title win)
- April 13th, 2003 vs. Kenta Kobashi (title challenge)
- June 6th, 2003 with Kobashi vs. Akiyama and Akitoshi Saito (title win)
- June 4th, 2006 with Kobashi vs. Takeshi Morishima and Yone (title win)

- Honda with a German Suplex
- The Dead End by Honda
- Honda elbows Saito

Signature Moves:
- Dead End
- Rolling Olympic Hell O
- Rolling Olympic Hell I
- Rolling Olympic Hell III
- Rolling Olympic Hell IV
- Rolling Olympic Hell V
- Rolling Olympic Hell Special

Big Match Finishers:
- Cross-Armed Dead End

2005 Recap:
A well-respected amateur wrestler, Honda might not have the look of a professional wrestler but he should not be taken lightly.  Wrestling mostly in mid-card to lower mid-card tag matches (although occasionally higher), Honda found success with his Dead End finisher.  On September 18th, Honda wrestled Shiga in his first match since coming back from injuries, and Honda picked up the victory using Shiga's own finisher on him.  Honda also picked up a pinfall victory at the November 5th Tokyo Nippon Budokan, and it probably won't be long until Honda challenges for a championship again.

2006 Recap:
2006 could have been special for Honda, but due to forces out of his control it turned into just another year. Surprisingly, Honda was not in the GHC Heavyweight Title Shot Tournament in the spring to find a new challenger for Akiyama, which didn't say a lot for his place in the company. He tends to go up and down the card at will, from teaming with dojo graduates to teaming with Kenta Kobashi. On June 4th, Honda teamed with Kobashi to win the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship from Yone and Morishima, his first title victory in many years. Unfortunately, due to Kobashi's medical leave, Honda had to vacate the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship before they even got a chance to defend it. He did team with Kobashi's protege in the Tag Team Tournament, but they lost in the first round. A respected veteran of NOAH, Honda is not considered a title threat but consistently puts on entertaining matches.

2007 Recap:
In 2007, Honda was lost without his tag team partner Kobashi but still did well in the mid-card. In the GHC Heavyweight Title Next Challenger Tournament Honda had a good deal of success, as he defeated Go Shiozaki and Takashi Sugiura before losing to Akiyama and Morishima to prevent him from making the semi-finals. He did not challenge for any titles in 2007, however, but with his old friend Kobashi back from injury he might make a challenge in 2008 for the tag titles that they never lost.

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