Takashi Iizuka

Real Name: Takayuki Iizuka
: August 2nd, 1966
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 223 lbs.
Debut: November 2nd, 1986
Background: Sambo Combat
Promotion History: New Japan (1986 to present)
Alliances: Chaos
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: G1 Tag League (2000)
Current Title Held:  None

Awards and Recognition:

- Tokyo Sports Grand Prix: Technique Prize (2000)
- Pro Wrestling Illustrated: Highest Rank was #110 Wrestler in the World in 1993
- Puroresu Central Awards: None
- Wrestling Observer: None

Championship History:

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Riki Choshu:
- Defeated Strong Machine and Takano on 7/13/89 and lost to Saito and Hashimoto on 9/20/89

IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Kazuo Yamazaki:
- Defeated Hashimoto and Junji Hirata on 6/12/96 and lost to Chono and Tenzan on 7/16/96

Biggest Matches:
- July 13th, 1989 with Choshu vs. Masa Saito and Shinya Hashimoto (title win)
- June 12th, 1996 with Yamazaki vs. Masahiro Chono and Tenzan (title win)
- January 4th, 2000 with Hashimoto vs. Ogawa and Kazunari Murakami
- July 20th, 2000 vs. Kensuke Sasaki (title challenge)
- November 30th, 2000 with Nagata vs. Tenzan and Satoshi Kojima (tournament win)
- October 13th, 2008 vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan

- Iizuka with the Sleeper Hold on Giant Bernard
- An Elbow strike by Iizuka
- Another Sleeper Hold by Iizuka

Signature Moves:
- Blizzard Suplex
- Cross-face Chicken Wing
- Powerbomb
- Jigoku Tsuki
- Sleeper Hold

2005 Recap:
Iizuka had limited success in 2005, as he spent most of the year wrestling towards the beginning of cards wrestling young lions or in multiple partner tag matches. He did not wrestle in the G1 Climax in the summer and only had one appearance at a Tokyo Dome Show. Iizuka did have an unexpected win over Tanahashi, however, and was still considered a threat to pull out a win at any time.

2006 Recap:
Tanahashi got his win back against Iizuka in early 2006, as Iizuka stayed towards the beginning of cards wrestling Yano, Yamamoto, and the other advanced Young Lions. He did wrestle in the New Japan Cup, but he lost to Nakanishi in the first round. In the G1 Tag League he teamed with Nagata, and the pair would win their block before falling to Hiroshi Tanahashi and Koji Kanemoto in the semi-finals. Towards the end of 2006, Iizuka began feuding with Great Bash Heel along with the other New Japan Sekigun.

2007 Recap:
Iizuka had another solid year as one of the more respected veterans in New Japan. Continuing to wrestle within the New Japan Pro-Wrestling Sekigun, Iizuka feuded mostly with GBH for the first part of the year. In the New Japan Cup, Iizuka defeated Honma in the first round but lost to Makabe in the second round. He did not participate in the G1 Climax, but in the G1 Tag League he teamed with Yamamoto. Even though they came in last place, Iizuka did score a key victories over Tomko, Makabe, and Milano, proving that he can pick up a victory at any time against any wrestler.

2008 Recap:
In 2008, Iizuka had one of the best years of his career. When Tenzan returned from his injury at the beginning of the year, Iizuka befriended him and accepted him back to the New Japan Sekigun. Iizuka took part in the New Japan Cup but fell to Togi Makabe. Iizuka and Tenzan began regularly teaming together and challenged Makabe and Yano for the IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship on April 27th. During the match, however, Iizuka came into the ring and put Tenzan in a sleeperhold, turning on his friend and against the New Japan Sekigun for the first time in his career. Joining GBH, Iizuka became a vicious wrestler as he used weapons and his teammates to overcome his opponents. On July 8th, Iizuka would take on Tenzan in a Lumberjack Death Match, and Tenzan would win with the Anaconda Vice. This was far from the end however, as at the G1 Climax Iizuka and the rest of GBH interfered after Tenzan's first match, injuring him badly enough that Tenzan was hurt for the rest of the tournament and failed to win any more matches. On October 13th, Iizuka defeated Tenzan in a Chain Death Match, avenging his loss from the summer. In the G1 Tag League Iizuka teamed with Tomohiro Ishii but they only got two points. On December 6th he defeated Wataru Inoue, showing that he not only was against Tenzan but would take on anyone from the New Japan Sekigun.

2009 Recap:
Iizuka continued his reign of terror in New Japan during 2009, and even though he did not challenge for any titles he stayed in big matches throughout the year. In the New Japan Cup, Iizuka defeated Tomoaki Honma in the first round but lost to Yuji Nagata in the second round. Iizuka faced off against Nagata again on April 5th in a Chain Match, and Iizuka would come out victorious. They would have a rematch on May 3rd, and this time it was Nagata that picked up the win. Iizuka did not do well in the G1 Climax, as he was DQed from most of his matches. In November Iizuka had yet another Chain Match, this time losing to Togi Makabe. Iizuka ended the year with a pinfall victory over Tomoaki Honma, showing that he was not through with GBH quite yet.

2010 Recap:
Compared to past years, Iizuka cooled down a bit in 2010 but still had a good year considering his age and standing in the promotion. After getting pinned at the Tokyo Dome, Iizuka did not participate in the New Japan Cup. For much of the rest of the year, Iizuka teamed with Jado and/or Gedo in the middle of the card, frequently cheating and occasionally getting caught doing it. Iizuka missed the G1 Climax, but he did participate in the G1 Tag League as he teamed with Yano to come in last place in their Block. At the end of the year, Tenzan returned and immediately began feuding with Iizuka again. The pair are set to face off perhaps for the final time at the Tokyo Dome in 2011.

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