Tomohiro Ishii

Birthdate: December 10th, 1975
Height: 5'7''
Weight: 220 lbs.
Debut: November 2nd, 1996
Background: Trained in WAR
Promotion History: WAR (1996 to 1998), Michinoku Pro (2000 to 2002), World Japan (2003 to 2004), Riki Pro (2005), and New Japan (2006 to present)
Alliances: Chaos
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held:  WEW Heavyweight Championship

Championship History:

WEW Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Mammoth Sasaki on 7/12/08

NWA International Lightweight Tag Team Championship with Tatsuhito Takaiwa:
- Defeated Spanky and Low Ki on 6/4/04 and lost to Hayashi and Spanky on 9/19/04

WAR International Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Yuji Yasuraoka (Held 2 Times):
- Defeated Masashi Aoyagi and Gokuaku Umibouzu on 10/12/97 and Vacated on 10/18/97
- Defeated Shinjiro Otani and Tatsuhito Takaiwa on 3/1/99 and Vacated on 6/20/99

Biggest Matches:
- October 12th, 1997 with Yuji Yasuraoka vs. Aoyagi and Umibouzu (title win)
- August 13th, 2003 vs. Masamitsu Kochi (tournament win)
- June 4th, 2004 with Tatsuhito Takaiwa vs. Leonardo Spanky and Low Ki (title win)
- July 12th, 2008 vs. Mammoth Sasaki (title win)

- Ishii with the lariat
- Another lariat by Ishii
- Ishii loves the lariat

Signature Moves:
- Brainbuster
- German Suplex Hold
- Knee Lift
- Lariat
- Powerbomb
- Release German Suplex
- Sit Down Crucifix Powerbomb
- Steiner Screwdriver

World Japan History:
One of the younger wrestlers in World Japan, Ishii had limited victories as he honed his craft. He did win the Young Magma Cup however, defeating Masamitsu Kochi in the finals and Takashi Uwano in the semi-finals. Towards the end of World Japan's run, Ishii usually teamed with Choshu and got a lot of experience in the main event.

2006 Recap:
With Choshu with the book in New Japan, Ishii (who used to wrestle in Choshu's Riki Pro and World Japan) became a regular wrestler in New Japan in 2006. After at first struggling to find his place in the promotion, he started working with Yano as a heel tag team. Towards the end of the year he joined the new heel group Great Bash Heel and he teamed with Yano in the G1 Tag League.

2007 Recap:
Ishii continued to focus on his team with Yano, and the team wrecked havoc on the mid-card and in Lock Up!. Ishii didn't have any title shots in 2007, and in the first round of the New Japan Cup he lost to Yuji Nagata. Since Yano began teaming more with Makabe towards the end of your year, Ishii was the odd man out and tended to focus on the beginning of the card as he tried to work his way up the card.

2008 Recap:
As Yano began teaming more with Makabe, in 2008 Ishii was left out and was pushed farther down the GBH pecking order as more wrestlers joined the faction. Ishii's main success in 2008 came in Lock Up, a smaller promotion run by Riki Choshu. On February 24th, Ishii challenged Mammoth Sasaki for the WEW Heavyweight Championship, but Sasaki would come out on top. Ishii would take part in the New Japan Cup, but he would lose to Hiroyoshi Tenzan in the first round. On July 12th, Ishii would take another shot at Sasaki's WEW Heavyweight Championship, and this time Ishii would win the title. On November 3rd he successfully defended the title against Tetsuhiro Kuroda, ending the year with gold around his waist. He also took part in the G1 Tag League, teaming with Iizuka, but the pair would only get two points.

2009 Recap:
Even though Ishii was the lowest wrestler in a faction with eight members, he stayed fairly active in New Japan in 2009. On January 10th, he successfully defended the WEW Heavyweight Championship against Kanemura, but that would be the last time he defended the title in 2009 as there were only two LOCK UP events the entire year. Ishii wrestled in the New Japan Cup and beat Wataru Inoue in the first round by countout, but lost to Yoshie in the second round. This was part of a small feud that Ishii had with Inoue that lasted the spring, and while it wasn't a major feud it was one of the first times Ishii was giving even a small spotlight in the promotion. Ishii did not wrestle in the G1 Climax but he did team with Masato Tanaka in the G1 Tag League, and the duo would come in third place in their block.

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