Birthdate:  March 28th, 1973
Death: December 4th, 2009
All Japan Debut:  Late 2003
Background:  American Professional Wrestling
Alliances:  Roughly Obsess & Destroy
Ring Attire:  Miami Heat Jersey
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  All Japan World Tag Team Championship (with Kea)

Signature Moves:
- Flying Sausage
- Powerbomb
- Reverse Splash
- Running Butt Smash

2005 Recap:
Besides Kojima, Jamal had one of the best years of any wrestler in All Japan.  With Kea, he won the All Japan World Tag Team Championship in early 2005 and together they would hold the belt for the rest of the year.  At the Champions Carnival, Jamal came in second place, and pinned the Triple Crown Champion Kojima on the way to the finals.  Unfortunately for Jamal, he would lose to Kojima once he got his shot at the Triple Crown.  He and Kea would finish second in their bracket in the Real World Tag League, barely missing the finals.  Jamal would leave All Japan at the end of 2005 to go back to the WWE.

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