Kendo Kashin

Birthdate:  August 5th, 1968
Debut:  September 21st, 1992
Background:  Amateur Wrestling
Alliances:  Nakanishi and Fujita
Ring Attire:  Pants, various colors, and a mask
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Titles Held:  All Japan World Tag Team Championship

Signature Moves:
- Avalanche Jujigatame
- Choke over the Top Rope
- Jujigatame

2005 Recap:
After freelancing for the first part of 2005, Kendo Kashin became a regular New Japan wrestler in the summer.  Teaming with Fujita, Suzuki, and other "heels," Kashin continued to be popular due to his comic style combined with his strong ability to wrestle.  Teaming with Nakanishi, Kashin even had a win at the 10/8 Tokyo Dome Show.  Kashin is also well known for his struggle with All Japan in 2005, as he refused to give back the All Japan World Tag Team Championship Belt that he still holds in his possession.

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