Toshiaki Kawada

Birthdate:  December 8th, 1963
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Debut:  October 4th, 1982
Background:  All Japan Dojo
Promotion History: All Japan (1992 to 2005) and Hustle (2005 to 2009)
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Black and yellow long tights
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: Real World Tag League (1992, 1996, and 1997) and the Champion Carnival (1994 and 1997)
Current Title Held:  ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship

Championship History:

All Japan Triple Crown Championship:
- Defeated Steve Williams on 10/22/94 and lost to Stan Hansen on 3/4/95
- Defeated Mitsuharu Misawa on 5/1/98 and lost to Kenta Kobashi on 6/12/98
- Defeated Mitsuharu Misawa on 1/22/99 and Vacated on 1/29/99
- Defeated Keiji Mutoh on 2/24/02 and Vacated on 3/28/02
- Defeated Shinjiro Otani on 9/26/03 and lost to Satoshi Kojima on 2/16/05

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Akira Taue:
- Defeated Gordy & Williams on 5/20/93 and lost to DiBiase & Hansen on 9/3/93
- Defeated Kobashi & Misawa on 6/9/95 and lost to Albright & Hansen on 1/24/96
- Defeated Albright & Hansen on 2/20/96 and lost to Akiyama & Misawa on 5/23/96
- Defeated Johnny Ace & Williams on 1/17/97 and lost to Ace & Kobashi on 5/27/97
- Defeated Johnny Ace & Kobashi on 1/25/98 and lost to Akiyama & Kobashi on 1/7/99
- Defeated Omori & Takayama on 6/9/00 and Vacated 6/16/00

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Mitsuharu Misawa:
- Defeated Gordy & Williams on 7/6/91 and Vacated on 12/6/91
- Won the WSTL on 12/4/92 and lost to Terry Gordy & Steve Williams on 1/30/93

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Taiyo Kea:
- Defeated RO'Z & Suwama on 2/17/07 and lost to Kojima and TARU on 8/26/07

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Samson Fuyuki:
- Defeated Mighty Inoue & Ishikawa on 3/9/88 and lost to Nakano & Takano on 9/9/88
- Defeated Nakano & Takano on 9/15/88 and lost to Furnas & Kroffat on 6/5/89
- Defeated Furnas & Kroffat on 10/20/89 and lost to Furnas & Kroffat on 3/2/90

ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Masato Tanaka on 10/24/09

- Kawada with a kick onto Mutoh
- And a kick onto RO'Z
- Kawada with a Stretch Plum
- Kawada singing in Hustle

Featured Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex
- Gamengiri
- Ganso Bomb (all three times used)

Signature Moves:
- Brainbuster
- Powerbomb Slide Hold
- Stretch Plum

2005 Recap:
Kawada began the year a member of All Japan and the Triple Crown champion, but once he lost the belt he declared himself a freelancer.  He still wrestled primarily in All Japan however, teaming with Miyamoto in the mid-card of events.  He did have one significant invasion of NOAH though, wrestling in the main event of the Dome Show in July, where he would lose to Misawa.  He also made a New Japan appearance, where he teamed with Anjo to lose to Nakamura and Tanahashi.  By the end of the year, Kawada decided to form his own promotion called King's Road as a direct competitor of All Japan.

2006 Recap:
Kawada never wrestled for King's Road as expected, as he signed a contract with DSE in early 2006. Since that time he has only been wrestling for Hustle (as Hustle K) and for Zero-One MAX. On August 27th, Kawada would challenge for the Triple Crown but would fall to Kea for the first time in his career. After that, with less Hustle dates, Kawada began wrestling more in All Japan. Kawada wrestled in the Real World Tag League, teaming with Mutoh, but Satoshi Kojima and Hiroyoshi Tenzan would win the tournament.

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