Birthdate: January 1st, 1985
Debut: March 2nd, 2008
Background: Kempo Boxing
Formally: Daisuke Nakae and Ou Kobushi
Major Titles Held:  None

- As Kanmuriwashi Yoko

Signature Moves:
- Right High Kick

Before becoming a pro-wrestler, Daisuke Nakae was an international kempo junior champion. Nakae started having some exhibition matches in Michinoku Pro in early 2008, until he made his official debut in March, with the name of Ou Kobushi. He immediately showed skills which lead him to be considered as the most promising among the rookies of the promotion.

Kobushi had a farewell match in late 2008, announcing that he would have left the company for a while to train around the world. Kobushi moved to Okinawa Pro Wrestling, where he worked for an entire year as Kanmuriwashi Yoko, a masked kick boxer. In September of 2009 Kobushi returned to Michinoku Pro, surprisingly defeating Hayato Fujita Jr. to capture the Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Championship.

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