Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 171 lbs.
Debut: April, 1999
Ring Attire: Red and black mask

Signature Moves:
- Doujikiri
- Hebiyagura
- Heshikiri
- Kaminari Setsu
- Leg Height Inside Cradle
- Mistica
- Raikiri
- Reverse Chickenwing

A Jiraya trainee, Masamune debuted in Mexico City in 1999. He stayed in Mexico, working in AAA, until 2001, when he returned to Japan following Jiraya in his “Lucha Libre Japan” project. He soon started working for other organizations, such as KAGEKI, before joining Osaka Pro in 2005. Masamune has been teaming with Hideyoshi for almost 3 years, capturing the Osaka Pro tag team belts on two occasions. Technically a freelancer, Masamune participates on most Osaka pro shows and he is a threat to every wrestler in the promotion. Masamune also worked in USA for CHIKARA in 2007.

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