Masashi Ikeda

Birthdate: June 11th, 1975
Debut: August 11th, 2001
Retirement: February 24th, 2006
Background: FMW
Also: Happy Ikeda and Don Maestro
Promotions Worked For: FMW, WMF, Michinoku Pro, SUPER CREW, and DDT
Major Championships Held: None

- As Don Maestro
- As Mr. Ikeda

Signature Moves:
- AA Spinebuster
- Crab Hold
- GOD Sleeper

Ikeda debuted in FMW in 2001 as “Happy Ikeda.” After the collapse of the promotion, he was invited by Mammoth Sasaki to join WMF. Ikeda was a low carder, working as “Mr. Ikeda,” until 2004 when he changed his name to Masashi Ikeda. At the end of 2003 Ikeda also joined Michinoku Pro Wrestling. In 2005 Ikeda left both WMF and Michinoku Pro Wrestling, starting to help Dick Togo in his SUPER CREW project; Ikeda also joined DDT as a member of the 4 Italian Horseman, Don Maestro. Ikeda was forced to retire from pro-wrestling following a severe injury he suffered in a car accident.

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