Takeshi Minaminno

Birthdate: December 24th, 1985
Debut: December 7th, 2002
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Also: Beetle Takeshi and Masked Tree Planting Man
Formally: Happy Man, Esthetic Jaguar, and Tobandjar
Alliances: Los Salseros Japoneises
Ring Attire: See picture above

- As Masked Tree Planting Man
- Minaminno under his pineapple attire
- As Tobandjar
- The Happy Press

Signature Moves:
- Loco Cutter
- Senton Atomico

Minaminno debuted when he was only 16 years old, and is one of the younger Toryumon graduate to have ever debuted to date. He later moved to Michinoku Pro, becoming the young leader of Los Salseros Japoneses. His early stint in the promotion was really successful as he captured the Tohoku Jr. Championship in 2005 when he was only 20 years old. After the dissolvement of his unit, Minaminno continued using the same name until 2007 when he adopted the comedic gimmick of HAPPY MAN. After feuding with Yoshitsune for the Tohoku Championship, he left the HAPPY MAN gimmick and returned to a more serious role. He is currently participating to Kensuke Office and Dradition shows as well as in Michinoku Pro. Minaminno has interpreted many other masked characters during his career, but none of them were particularly relevant.

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