Masayoshi Motegi

Birthdate: November 24th, 1962
Debut: September 20th, 1991
Background: Karate
Promotions Worked For: W*ING and Big Japan
Major Championships Held: WWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship (also the W*ING Junior Heavyweight Championship) and the NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship

Signature Moves:
- Cross Armbreaker
- Running Sitdown Powerbomb

Motegi debuted in 1991 in W*ING. He toured in Puerto Rico in 2003 and after his comeback to Japan he moved to Wrestle Dream Factory, where he soon became one of the top wrestlers. The highlight of Motegi’s career was between1995 and 1996, when he took part to the Super J Cup 1995, losing to Gedo in the first round, and also wrestled in the J-Crown tournament the next year, losing to the Great Sasuke again in the opening round.

Recently Motegi has mainly worked as a freelancer in smaller promotions and he ended up being involved in the promotion of Pro Wrestling Nightmare and Garoga Knights shows, two promotions which closed their doors after just a couple of years of activity.

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