Mitsuya Nagai

Birthdate:  November 10th, 1968
Debut:  August 1st, 1991
Background:  RINGS and Kickboxing
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Black long tights 
Card Position:  Mid-Card to Lower Mid-Card
Major Titles Held:  All-Asian Tag Team Championship (with Naruse)

- As Reconstruction Snake Human Nagaida

Signature Moves:
- Capture Suplex
- Hiza Jujigatame
- Hyper Knee Tiger
- Kneel Kick
- Makai Driver

Signature Moves (as Reconstruction Snake Human Nagaida):
- Nagaider Rocket Punch
- Nagaider Stretch Plum
- Nagaider Vacuum Jumping Knee Kick

2005 Recap:
Nagai did not work a full schedule with New Japan and was not considered a major threat to any of the titles in New Japan.  He began the year teaming with Naruse, but soon split from him and wrestled in matches with Black New Japan.  Nagai mostly wrestled in tag matches or singles matches against young lions.

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