Jun Ogawauchi

Birthdate: January 11th, 1979
Debut: May 18th, 2001
Retirement: 2004
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Promotions Worked For: T2P
Major Championships Held: None

Signature Moves:
- Onifuusha
- Samurai Lock
- Tsumuji

An 8th class Toryumon graduate (the same class of Kondo and Sugawara), Jun Ogawauchi was a promising member of Toryumon in its early years. After joining C-MAX he renamed to simply "JUN." Unfortunately he suffered a serious back injury which forced him to retire in 2004. Despite that Ogawauchi has always remained in the pro-wrestling business, being the official ring announcer of El Dorado. Despite rumors circulating since the early days of El Dorado about his possible comeback, Ogawauchi returned to the ring only in December 2009, when he wrestled in a Secret Base show for the first time in almost 6 years.

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