Kazuchika Okada

Birthdate: November 8th, 1987
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 196 lbs.
Debut: August 29th, 2004
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Promotion History: Toryumon Mexico (2004 to 2006) and New Japan (2007 to present)
Alliances:  New Japan Pro-Wrestling Sekigun
Ring Attire:  Black tights
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held:  None

Awards and Recognition:

- Tokyo Sports Grand Prix: None
- Pro Wrestling Illustrated: Highest Rank was #230 Wrestler in the World in 2010
- Puroresu Central Awards: Breakout Star of the Year (2009)
- Wrestling Observer: None

Championship History:


Biggest Matches:
- May 5th, 2009 with Hirooki Goto vs. Takashi Sugiura and Atsushi Aoki
- June 20th, 2009 vs. Go Shiozaki

Featured Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex
- Missile Dropkick

2007 Recap:
Okada joined New Japan in the summer and has been working out in the dojo to prepare for his full time schedule to begin. He did wrestle on August 26th, however, losing to Tetsuya Naito.

2008 Recap:
After recovering from an injury, on April 12th Okada had his official debut with New Japan. Even though in the past he had been labeled a Jr. Heavyweight, because of his height he was officially labeled a Heavyweight after his re-debut. Even though he is considered a rookie, due to his experience training with Ultimo Dragon he wrestled mostly in the mid-card with other New Japan Sekigun members such as Yujiro and Tenzan. In the fall he had singles matches against both Low Ki and Jado, but came up short in each.

2009 Recap:
Okada had a breakout year in 2009 (as much of a breakout year as a wrestler in New Japan can get with only a few years of experience in the promotion) as he captured the fan's attention with his determination in the New Japan vs. NOAH matches. In a moment that would be replayed for the rest of the year, on May 5th Okada teamed with Goto take on NOAH's Sugiura and Aoki, and early on in the match Sugiura picked up Okada and dropped him right on his head. But Okada fought back in the match and showed the type of passion that many had seen as lacking in New Japan, as the crowd solidly got behind the young star. On June 20th he had a singles match against NOAH's Go Shiozaki, and even though Okada lost it was a big match so early in his New Japan career. In the fall, Okada had singles matches with Nakamura, TAJIRI, and Goto, all losses but all gaining him valuable experience. In the G1 Tag League teamed with Hirooki Goto, but the pair picked up no wins.

2010 Recap:
After wrestling on the Tokyo Dome event, Okada left for an excursion to TNA on January 31st, 2010. Okada spent the rest of the year in TNA, but did not win any titles during his time there and only appeared on IMPACT! a few times. In December it was announced that Okada would return to New Japan at the 2011 Tokyo Dome show, continuing his feud with Pro Wrestling NOAH.

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