Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: Unknown
Also: Wolf Ozawa
Major Puroresu Titles Held:  None

Signature Moves:
- 66 Lock
- Onryo Clutch
- Onryo Driver

Signature Moves (as Wolf Ozawa):
- Corkscrew Elbow Smash

An amateur wrestler at university, Onryo debuted as "Wolf Ozawa" in Wrestle Dream Factory, a ring name he would revive several years later. Onryo wrestled in FMW until his closure, then joined WMF. In 2003 he created with the Crazy SKB, "666 Triplefiesta", a bizarre indy promotion, which soon gathered fan interest. Onryo took part in the Super J Cup 2000 and was eliminated in the semifinals by CIMA. Despite never being a top wrestler in any promotion, Onryo was able to win some individual and tag team titles during his career. Onryo's character is inspired to a supernatural creature of the japanese folklore; an Onryo is a ghost who can return to the physical world seeking for vengeance.

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