Masao Orihara

Birthdate: June 16th, 1969
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 88 kg
Debut: February 22nd, 1990
Background: All Japan Dojo
Formally: Iga, Gekko, and Sasuke the Great
Ring Attire:  Various

Signature Moves:
- Avalanche Somersault Kick
- Cartwheel into a Moonsault
- Michinoku Driver II
- Moonsault
- Moonsault from the Top Turnbuckle to the Floor
- Piledriver
- Powerbomb
- Spider German Suplex

Signature Moves (as Sasuke the Great):
- Diving Headbutt
- Spider German Suplex into a Moonsault

Trained at the AJPW Dojo, Orihara debuted in SWS in 1990; after a training expedition to Mexico, he returned to Japan in WAR, where he became a close friend with Ultimo Dragon. When WAR started to decline, Orihara became a freelancer and started wrestling mainly in Michinoku Pro. His career seemed to have came to an early end in 2004, when he suffered several physical and psychological problems, leading him to take a one year and a half hiatus from pro-wrestling. Orihara returned to the ring in 2005 after the end of a rehabilitation program; he is a member of Satoru Sayama's Real Japan Pro Wrestling and he promotes his own “Moebius” monthly show.

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