Kinya Oyanagi

Birthdate: Unknown
Debut: September 2nd, 2000
Ring Attire: Varied (multiple characters)

Signature Moves:
- 3 Cheers Splash
- Gotch-Style Piledriver
- Kido Clutch

A Toryumon graduate, Oyanagi interpreted a successful comedy gimmick in Toryumon X. He then disappeared, only returning a couple of years later in El Dorado, as a part time member. In 2008 Oyanagi completely changed his character to that of a “submission master,” able to counter almost every move.

At the end of 2008 El Dorado officially closed its doors, and Oyanagi became one of the main wrestler of the new Secret Base project. He surprisingly joined Michinoku Pro in March of 2009, capturing the Tohoku Tag Team Championship teaming with Kesen Numajiro in his debut match in the promotion.

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