Birthdate: May 21st, 1982
Debut: July 21st, 2002
Also: Masaaki Okimoto and Super Romeo
Formally: Small Dandy Fuji, Hayabusa-cito, Lion King, Ooga Mask, and Hustle Ranger Blue
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: Red pants and a red mask

- As Ooga Mask
- A missile dropkick by Rasse
- Rasse as Super Romeo
- As Hustle Ranger Blue

Signature Moves:
- Jyagaragi
- Jyagaragi Hineri
- Mabataki
- Masquerade
- Rasseru

A Toryumon graduate, Masaaki Okimoto started his career as Small Dany Fuji, a mini version od Don Fuji in the Mini C-MAX stable in Mexico. He was later a member of Toryumon X, then he joined Michinoku Pro, where he debuted as Michinoku Ranger Silver. Starting from 2007 he has been working as Rasse, a masked character which has always been a face. After a couple of years spent in the midcard, finally Rasse had the chance of capturing the main Michinoku Pro title, but he failed in two occasions. However the fierce match he had in his second defeat, vs Hayato Fujita Jr., definitely raised him to a main-eventer status in the promotion. Okimoto has also been working in El Dorado as JKO (Jumping Kid Okimoto), a masked character, and later under his real name. He occasionally still wrestles unmasked outside of Michinoku Pro, mainly in Dradition and Secret Base. Okimoto has been using several other masked gimmicks during his career, most notably HUSTLE Kamen Blue.

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