Birthdate: April 7th, 1970
All Japan Debut: June 25th, 2006
Background: American Wrestling
Alliances: RO&D
Ring Attire:  Black pants and a sports jersey
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card

Signature Moves:
- Arabian Press
- Chokeslam
- RO'Z Sault
- Samoan Driver
- Swinging Side Slam

2006 Recap:
After being released from WWE, RO'Z joined All Japan in mid-2006, essentially taking the place of Jamal who had left All Japan in December of 2005. He joined the Voodoo Murderers and saw a destructive run, including destroying Raijin on 8/27. RO'Z failed in his attempt to win the Triple Crown, however, but he did come in 2nd place in the Real World Tag League when he teamed with Suwama.

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