Kei and Shu Sato

Birthdate: July 5th, 1977
Debut: December 2nd, 2001
Formally: Syach Machine 3 and 4
Background: Toryumon Graduate
Alliances: None
Ring Attire: Purple pants

- As Devil Pierroth #1 and #2

Kei Sato Signature Moves:
- Hammerlock Legsweep DDT

Shu Sato Signature Moves:
- Karma Drop of Hell
- Nazi Zombie
- Zodiac
- Zombie King

Team Signature Moves:
- Double Muscle
- Murder Ride Show
- Syachihoko Clutch

Kei and Shu Sato, aka the Brahman Brothers, are two twins trained in Toryumon by Ultimo Dragon. They debuted in Mexico in 2004, originally wearing a mask, as two of the four Shyachihoko Machines. After the Toryumon/Dragon Gate schism they moved to Japan, where they adopted, together with Taiji Ishimori, an unsuccessful singing sailors gimmick, which only lasted a few months. Finally, after being signed to Michinoku Pro, they began working as a heel tag team, in which their popularity soon started to grow among the fans. Kei and Shu Sato also worked in El Dorado, where they further characterized their gimmick by calling themselves “Brahman Brothers” and partially shaving their heads.

In Michinoku Pro the Sato Brothers are key members of the heel stable Kowloon, supporting their leader Hayato Fujita Jr. In 2009 they captured the Tohoku Tag Team Titles for the 2nd time in their career by defeating the Great Sasuke and Yoshitsune. They have also been working in HUSTLE under many different masked gimmicks, usually being opponents of the HUSTLE Kamen Rangers. After the closure of El Dorado, the Sato twins became two of the most requested indy tag teams in Japan.

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