Masaru Seno
also Daio QUALLT

Birthdate: January 13th, 1977
Debut: July 1997
Retirement: April 25th, 2005
Background: Trained in Michinoku Pro
Promotions Worked For: Michinoku Pro and Osaka Pro
Major Championships Held: Osaka Pro Tag Team Championship and the Osaka Pro Singles Championship

Signature Moves:
- Avalanche Chokeslam
- Chokeslam
- High Angle Pedigree
- Mathematica Buster
- Powerbomb
- Sit-Down Chokebomb

Seno was trained by Animal Hamaguchi and debuted in Michinoku Pro in 1997, wrestling under his real name. He moved to Osaka Pro in 1999, adopting the gimmick of Daio QUALLT, a character who soon became the main heel wrestler in Osaka Pro. As Daio QUALLT he would win both the singles and tag team titles of the promotion. Seno announced his retirement from pro-wrestling in 2005, due to several back injuries he suffered during his career.

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