Shuji Ishikawa

Birthdate: September 25th, 1975
Debut: June 15th, 2004
Background: DDT Graduate
Alliances: None
Ring Attire (as Ishikawa): Orange trunks
Ring Attire (as Koo): Red shorts and a red shirt

- As Koo

Signature Moves (as Ishikawa):
- Big Boot
- Chokeslam

Signature Moves (as Koo):
- Hawaiian Splash Mountain
- Mauna Kea Bomb
- Tsunami

Ishikawa debuted in DDT in 2003; a promising rookie and one of the heaviest young Japanese indy wrestlers, he officially joined Pro Wrestling Union in 2005, continuing to participate to all the major DDT shows. In 2007 Ishikawa suddenly stepped up to a main-eventer role by becoming the leader of the HWO (Hawaiian World Order) unit as Koo, a masked “monster heel” who would soon capture the KO-D championship. One year later Ishikawa would return to his original character, showing remarkable improvements in his fighting skills, both as a shoot-style wrestler in FUTEN/BattlARTS and as an hardcore wrestler in BJW.

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