Manabu Soya

Birthdate: Unknown
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 218 lbs.
Debut: April 11th, 2007 vs. Katsushi Takemura
Background: Seiji Sakaguchi Trainee
Promotion History: MUGA (2007) and All Japan (2007 to present)
Alliances: Teams with Osamu Nishimura
Ring Attire: Blue or black trunks
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held: All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship

Championship History:

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Seiya Sanada:
- Defeated TARU and Big Daddy Voodoo on 8/29/10

Biggest Matches:
- July 1st, 2007 vs. Tatsumi Fujinami
- September 25th, 2007 vs. Osamu Nishimura
- February 15th, 2008 with Daichi Kakimoto vs. T28 and KUSHIDA (tournament final)

- Soya in the Gorilla Clutch

Featured Sigature Moves:
- Lariat

Signature Moves:
- Avalanche Bulldog
- Power Booster
- Vertical Suplex

2007 Recap:
Soya debuted in MUGA as Nishimura's pupil, losing to Katsushi Takemura on April 11th. Over the next few days however Soya reached a five minute draw with Yutaka Yoshie, Katsushi Takemura, and Nobuyuki Kurashima to show that he was more then just your average rookie. On July 1st Soya got a match against Tatsumi Fujinami himself, but Fujinami would have little trouble putting him away. In October Soya and Nishimura would leave MUGA for All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Soya would join the other All Japan dojo mates (such as T28 and Sanada) to help form a very strong group of young wrestlers.

2008 Recap:
Soya teamed with Sanada for much of the year in the mid-card, as they gained valuable experience wrestling against the Voodoo Murderers. He did not take part in any of the tournaments, but he showed that perhaps he is the head of his class when he defeated Sanada convincingly at the November Sumo Hall event. In the Real World Tag League he teamed with Sanada, but the pair would come in last place.

2009 Recap:
After starting the year continuing with his mentor Nishimura, things didn't stay that way as Soya switched over to team with Nishimura's old nemesis Riki Choshu. Starting the year Nishimura and Soya wrestled together in the mid-card, but unlike Sanada he did not take part in the Champion Carnival. After teaming with Nishimura at Sumo Hall and losing to Choshu and Koshinaka, soon thereafter Soya decided he had enough of MUGA and switched to Choshu-ism. After teaming off and on during the fall (whenever Choshu was in All Japan), the pair teamed in the Real World Tag League, and they did very well as they came in 4th place including a big win over All Asia Tag Team Champions Akebono and Ryota Hama. With a new direction in life it will be interesting to see what Soya does in 2010.

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