Masahiro Takanashi

Birthdate: January 22nd, 1983
Debut: September 14th, 2004
Also: Tappuri! Tarako Man
Background: DDT Graduate
Ring Attire: Orange pants

- As Tappuri! Tarako Man

Signature Moves:
- Boxing Moves
- Cheating
- Cross-Armed DDT
- Golden Arm Bomber
- Slingshot Sunset Flip Powerbomb

Takanashi was a Toryumon student who was never able to graduate. After quitting the school, Takanashi continued training, finally making his debut in pro-wrestling in 2003 in DDT. Starting as a lowcarder, Takanashi progressively climbed the ranks in DDT, becoming one of the top wrestlers of the company in 2008. Takanashi joined his former training mates in El Dorado, where he used to work as a comedy character named King Pocota. He would later leave the promotion several months before its official closure. Takanashi is also very active on the independent scene, particularly in E-Style and ICE Ribbon, where he helps with the training and wrestles as “Ribbon Takanashi.”

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