Team 3D

Birthdate:  D-Von (August 1st, 1972) and Bubba Ray (July 14th, 1971)
Puroresu Debut:  September 30th, 2005
Background:  American Professional Wrestling
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Casual (jeans and a t-shirt)
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Puroresu Titles Held: IWGP Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

- Team 3D Powerbomb Yano through a Table

Signature Moves:
- 3D (Dudley Death Drop)
- Backdrop Suplex/Neckbreaker Combination
- Super Powerbomb through a Table

2005 Recap:
Joining All Japan in September, Team 3-D saw a great deal of success.  The duo went undefeated for the entire year, including winning the Real World Tag League in December by pinning Keiji Mutoh.  While it is unclear how frequently they will be available to wrestle in Japan, they are sure to have a big impact whenever they make a tour.

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