Genichiro Tenryu

Birthdate:  February 2nd, 1950
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 260 lbs.
Debut:  November 13th, 1976
Background:  Sumo Wrestling
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire:  Black trunks
Previous Nickname: "Hustle General" (in Hustle)
Card Position:  Upper Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: World's Strongest Tag League (1984, 1986, and 1989) and the Champion Carnival (2001)
Current Title Held: None

Championship History:

NWA International Tag Team Championship with Jumbo Tsuruta:
- Defeated Blackwell and Bruiser Brody on 9/3/84 and lost to Choshu and Yatsu on 2/5/86

PWF World Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Stan Hansen on 3/9/88 and lost to Stan Hansen on 7/27/88

All Japan Triple Crown:
- Defeated Jumbo Tsuruta on 6/5/89 and lost to Jumbo Tsuruta on 11/11/89
- Defeated Toshiaki Kawada on 10/28/00 and lost to Keiji Mutoh on 6/8/01
- Defeated Keiji Mutoh on 4/13/02 and lost to The Great Muta on 10/27/02

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Ashura Hara:
- Defeated Tsuruta & Yatsu on 8/29/88 and lost to Tsuruta & Yatsu on 8/30/88

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Stan Hansen:
- Defeated Tsuruta & Yatsu on 7/11/89 and lost to Tsuruta & Yatsu on 7/22/89
- Defeated Tsuruta & Yatsu on 10/20/89 and Vacated on 11/29/89
- Won RWTL on 12/6/89 and lost to Terry Gordy & Williams on 3/6/90

All Japan World Tag Team Championship with Yoji Anjo:
- Defeated Kea & Johnny Smith on 7/14/01 and lost to Kea & Mutoh on 10/22/01

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Masanobu Fuchi:
- Defeated The Great Kosuke & Shiryu on 5/22/04 and lost to Nagai & Naruse on 11/3/04

IWGP World Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Keiji Mutoh on 12/10/99 and lost to Kensuke Sasaki on 1/4/00

IWGP World Heavyweight Tag Team Championship:
- Defeated Tenzan and Chono on 7/15/98 and lost to Tenzan and Kojima on 1/4/99

J-1 Heavyweight Championship:
- Defeated Nobutaka Araya on 1/14/98 and abandoned in 2000

- Tenryu with a chop
- Tenryu in Hustle

Featured Signature Moves:
- Powerbomb
- Spider German Suplex

Signature Moves:
- 53 Year Old
- Diving Elbow Drop
- Guh Punch
- Texas Cloverleaf

World Japan History:
When World Japan first opened, Tenryu was one of the main attractions. He started with a three match series against Choshu, which he won two of the three matches. He took part in the World Strongest Tournament, but fell in the first round to Takao Omori. On August 21st, he would win the WMG Tag Team Championship with Choshu when they defeated Shiro Koshinaka and Jinsei Shinzaki. The titles would be abandoned however when World Japan began to crumble and Tenryu was no longer used by the promotion.

2005 Recap:
No longer a young pup, Tenryu used his freelancer status to wrestle less and pick his moments.  In 2005, Tenryu wrestled in All Japan and NOAH, although he had more big matches in NOAH.  Besides teaming against Kobashi, he had singles matches against Ogawa (a win) and Misawa (a loss).  With his interaction with Kobashi, it is expected that sometime soon he will face off one on one against him in 2006.

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