Tatsutoshi Goto

Birthdate:  May 25th, 1959
Debut:  December 2nd, 1982
Background:  Weightlifting and Karate
Alliances:  Anti-Choshu
Ring Attire:  Black long tights
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card/Mid-Card
Current Title Held:  None

Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Suplex
- Gutwrench Suplex
- Lariat

2005 Recap:
An older wrestler, Goto mostly wrestles in tag matches towards the lower middle of cards.  Well respected, he usually puts over mid-level new talent or defeats the latest young lions.  Even though he was not on any of the Tokyo Dome Shows, he did participate in the G-1 Climax.  No longer a title threat, Goto helps fill the middle and bottom of the card as a well experienced and trusted wrestler.

In the past few years Goto has progressively left the scenes of major promotions, limiting his appearances to DEP and a few special other events.

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