Steve Williams

Birthdate: May 14th, 1960
Death: December 29th, 2009
Debut: 1982
Background: Trained by Bill Watts
Promotions Worked For: All Japan, WCW, and the WWF
Major Championships Held: All Japan Triple Crown Championship, the All Japan World Tag Team Championship, WCW World Tag Team Championship, and the NWA Tag Team Championship

Featured Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Driver

Signature Moves:
- Backdrop Driver Hold
- Brainbuster
- Doctor Bomb
- Oklahoma Stampede

World Japan History:
The most notable thing that Steve Williams did while in World Japan was participate in the Strongest Tournament, in which he defeated Koshinaka in the first round but lost to Sasaki in the semi-finals. He was not one of the regular foreigners used by World Japan.

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