"brother" YASSHI

Birthdate:  February 26th, 1982
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Debut:  2000
Background:  Toryumon Graduate
Promotion History: T2P (2001 - 2002), Toryumon (2002 to 2004), Dragon Gate (2004), dragondoor (2005 to 2006), All Japan (2005 to present), and El Dorado (2006 to present)
Alliances:  Voodoo Murderers
Ring Attire:  Pants, usually black
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held:  None

Championship History:

All Japan All Asia Tag Team Championship with Shuji Kondo:
- Defeated Honma and Nakajima on 6/19/05 and lost to Nakajima and Sasaki on 7/26/05

UWA Six Man Tag Team Championship with Touru Owashi and Shuji Kondo:
- Defeated Milano Collection A.T., Mori and YOSSINO on 9/20/03 and lost to Arai, Dragon Kid, and Second Doi on 5/9/04

Biggest Matches:
- September 20th, 2003 with Milano Collection A.T., Mori, and YOSSINO vs. Arai, Dragon Kid, and Second Doi (title win)
- June 19th, 2005 with Kondo vs. Honma and Nakajima (title win)

- YASSHI with a lariat on Animal Warrior
- Kondo uses YASSHI as a weapon

Signature Moves:
- 69
- Bad Boy
- Nice Jamaica
- Postore de la Noche
- Slingshot 450
- Turntable

2005 Recap:
The light heavyweight of the Voodoo Murderers, YASSHI has not fared well since joining All Japan in 2005.  In July he went for the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but he fell to TAKA Michinoku.  He did secure a few wins over NOSAWA, however, so he did find some success when he wrestled in the lower mid-card.  Also, he was able to win the All Asia Tag Team Championship with Kondo and even made a successful defense before falling to Sasaki and Nakajima.  He rarely got wins against quality opponents however, and at the Real World Tag League he and Kondo did not pick up any victories after YASSHI was pinned in all four matches.  Still, YASSHI is young and may still be a force in the junior division down the road.

2006 Recap:
Through most of 2006, YASSHI has either being used towards the beginning of cards, or at the top of the card to be the fall guy in a big tag match. He found little success in picking up victories (including a failed attempt to win the Jr. Heavyweight Championship), but he was an important part of the Voodoo Murderers as he enjoyed interfering in matches to help his team mates win. YASSHI also helped lead invasions into both NOAH and New Japan, as the Voodoo Murderers try to take over all of puroresu.

2007 Recap:
"brother" YASSHI continued teaming with Kondo and helping his Voodoo Murderers win matches in 2007. He also wrestled in El Dorado when he was not participating on All Japan events. In the Jr. Heavyweight League, "brother" YASSHI's only victory came over AKIRA when he used a cradle for the victory. At the Sumo Hall show he teamed with Kondo to defeat rookies Seiya Sanada and T28. He did not wrestle in the Real World Tag League and in general during the year was not in any individual storylines.

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