Yutaka Yoshie

Birthdate:  January 5th, 1974
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 350 lbs.
Debut:  December 9th, 1994
Background:  Judo Wrestling
Promotion History: New Japan (1994 to 2005), All Japan (2006), Zero-One MAX (2006), and MUGA (2006 to 2007)
Ring Attire:  Pink double singlet
Card Position:  Mid-Card
Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held: None

Championship History:

IWGP Tag Team Championship with Hiroshi Tanahashi:
- Defeated Chono and Tenzan on 6/13/03 and lost to Tenzan and Nishimura on 12/14/03

- Yoshie as a Snow Man
- As part of the Lard Warriors with Akebono and Hama

Featured Signature Moves:
- Airbag Release German Suplex
- Back Blow
- Canadian Hammer

Signature Moves:
- Death Valley Driver
- Diving Body Press
- Lou Thesz Press
- Powerbomb
- Raiden Drop
- Release German Suplex
- Reverse Figure Four

2005 Recap:
Yoshie had a strong year, even though he continues having trouble breaking into the main fold of New Japan.  He was 1-1 on Tokyo Dome Shows, but both matches were towards the bottom of the card.  He wrestled in the G-1 Climax, but came in 5th in his block.  As 2005 ended, he began tagging with Tanahashi.  Yoshie is distinguishable due to his large size and wrestles a very different style then most New Japan wrestlers.

Yoshie did not re-sign with New Japan in January and became a free agent. In 2006 he wrestled mostly for All Japan, where he participated in the Champion Carnival for the first time in his career. Yoshie later wrestled in MUGA, a promotion run by Fujinami and Nishimura.

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