Birthdate:  December 17th, 1976
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Debut:  December 27th, 1995 vs. General KY Wakamastu
Background:  Lucha Libre
Promotion History: DDT (1998 to 2001) and All Japan (2004 to present)
Alliances:  None
Ring Attire: Black shorts 
Card Position:  Lower Mid-Card
Major Tournaments Won: None
Current Title Held:  None

Championship History:

All Asia Tag Team Championship (with Minoru Suzuki):
- Defeated Nishimura and Fuchi on 1/3/09 and lost to Akebono and Ryota Hama on 9/23/09

DDT KO-D Openweight Championship:
- Defeated Exciting Yoshida on 6/29/01 and Vacated on 11/22/01

DDT KO-D Tag Team Championship with Takashi Sasaki:
- Defeated Starman and Vertigo on 6/2/01 and lost to MIKAMI and Super Uchuu Power on 7/5/01

Biggest Matches:
- June 29th, 2001 vs. Exciting Yoshida (title win)
- October 11th, 2004 with MAZADA vs. Genichiro Tenryu and Masanobu Fuchi (title challenge)
- December 5th, 2004 vs. Kaz Hayashi (title challenge)
- October 29th, 2006 vs. Shuji Kondo (title challenge)

Signature Moves:
- Inverted Single Leg Crab Hold
- La Magistral Cradle
- Michinoku Driver II

2005 Recap:
A curtain jerker, NOSAWA saw little success in All Japan, losing as many opening matches as he won.  On March 20th he took a shot at the All Japan Jr. Heavyweight Championship, but lost to TAKA Michinoku.  On July 26th, NOSAWA lost a "banishment" match to his old friend MAZADA, and he had to leave All Japan.  Soon after that, a new wrestler named Space Lone Wolf appeared that wrestled similar to NOSAWA, and Space Lone Wolf had slightly better success in All Japan then NOSAWA.  In December, Space Lone Wolf was unmasked to confirm that he was indeed the same person as NOSAWA.

2006 Recap:
NOSAWA wrestled regularly for All Japan in 2006, but mostly spent his time towards the bottom of the card and out of any major feuds. NOSAWA began wrestling with his old friend MAZADA again, and for parts of 2006 he also teamed with Brute Issei or AKIRA. Towards the end of 2006, NOSAWA began teaming with his new mentor Minoru Suzuki, which landed him a few bigger matches and together they wrestled in the Real World Tag League. Unfortunately the team would come in last place, with NOSAWA being the obvious weak link.

2007 Recap:
After starting the year teaming with his old friend MAZADA, in the late spring NOSAWA joined TAKA Michinoku and Hayashi to form the Mexican Amigos. Now with the name El NOSAWA Mendoza, as a group they feuded with Suzuki and MAZADA along with other mid-card wrestlers. In the Jr. Heavyweight League he only picked up one win which was over Ryuji Hijikata. In December the Mexican Amigos disbanded and NOSAWA went back to teaming with MAZADA.

2008 Recap:
With the Mexican Amigos returning to Mexico, things got back to normal for NOSAWA as he and MAZADA wrestled together in a team all year in the mid-card. Eventually they would join forces with Minoru Suzuki and Taiyo Kea, forming the faction of GURENTAI. With Suzuki and Kea the powerhouses of the group, NOSAWA mostly wrestled in the mid-card with MAZADA against the Regular Army. In the Jr. Tag League, MAZADA teamed with NOSAWA and together they would come in tied for 3rd place. He did not take part in the Jr. Heavyweight League however and generally stayed in the mid-card or was the fall guy if GURENTAI was in the main event.

2009 Recap:
In 2009, NOSAWA was the #4 man in GURENTAI, barely ahead of his buddy MAZADA. NOSAWA started out the year with a bang, teaming with Suzuki to win the no longer dormant All Asia Tag Team Championship. They held the titles for over nine months before losing them to Akebono and Hama. In the Jr. Heavyweight Tag League, he teamed with MAZADA and the team came in fourth place. He also wrestled in the Jr. Heavyweight League but he came in 4th in his block, with his only victory coming over KAI. After losing the All Asia Tag Team Championship in December, NOSAWA teamed with Takayama in the Real World Tag League (Suzuki teamed with Kea), and while the pair did not do well they did have a win over Akebono and Ryota Hama, a little bit of revenge for NOSAWA as he pinned Hama.

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